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The Lodging House Mission provides dignity, love and respect to those come through its doors - regardless of their faith.

Over the years, our chaplaincy has provided an invaluable tool in helping people turn their lives around. We understand the highly complex and sensitive nature of the problems facing our service users and will do everything to support all in need. For some of our users, spiritual support doesn't matter but for many - it's an important part of the empowerment process.


The work of the Chaplain includes:

  • Listening

  • Caring

  • Church Service Tuesday 1330-1415 hrs, Prayers Wednesday 1130-1200 hrs and Thursday 1130-1200 hrs

“The religious side of things is important to me. I come to Church here on a Tuesday. It gives me real spiritual help. When I was questioning my faith, the Chaplaincy helped me deal with some of those questions.”

Jean, 29, Service User


“Prayers mean a lot to me. It's peaceful and gives me time to reflect and share how I really feel without feeling foolish.”

Mary, 63, Service User


“Please play your part and support the Chaplaincy work of LHM360."

Gus McKay, Chaplain

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