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Education Services

People living on the margins of society all too often find themselves excluded from education and employment opportunities.


At The Lodging House Mission, we believe access to education is the key to facilitating life changing developments and turning lives around. One of our core objectives is to get our service users off the streets as opposed to helping them survive there.


Every week over 100 service users participate in our Education and Activities programmes, which offer a wide range of learning and development opportunities, available to everyone who comes through our doors.

Our Educational Courses and Activities include:


SOCIAL COURSES: Art, Drama, Choir, Women’s Group, Men’s Group

SKILLS COURSES: Number Crunching, Milestones Recovery Group, DIY, CV Writing, Digital Photography, CreativeWriting Workshop, Computing and Cookery

VOCATIONAL COURSES: Basic Computing and Personal Presentation through John Wheatley College Community Involvement, Momentum Personal Development and Woodworking

Courses are held in our Learning Centre, which is open Monday to Friday from 1000 - 1200 hours and 1330 - 1500 hours.


"I've been on other courses before but to be honest they were more about getting yourself used to being homeless, not about trying to move you on."

Francis, 36, Service User

"My tutor said I was a beautiful writer. No-one has ever told me that before."

Robert, 52, Service User

“I've just finished the second longest book I've read in my life - it felt great.”

Paul, 66, Service User

“We had a great laugh. I enjoy the atmosphere and company within the group. Drama has brought the best out in me.”

Anne, 56, Service User

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