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Recreational and vocational activities stimulate positive energy and help prevent boredom, which can often lead people back into chaotic lifestyles.

At LHM360 we offer a wide range of activities to encourage our service users to take steps to reduce the chaos in their lives - ultimately to help them lead healthier, more positive lifestyles.

Whether it’s a workshop in Cooking, Crafts, Music, Digital Photography, Drama, Fitness Classes, attending the Women’s Group or playing a game of football - there’s something on offer for everyone.

“They really push you to have a go at different things. I think people are often surprised by how much they can do....They have given me confidence and belief in myself.”

Alan, 39, Service User

“I loved the whole experience of playing such a big part. It’s made me learn new acting skills and find a new confidence within me.”

Tricia, 46, Service Use

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